How we work

We convey knowledge and skills. Admission, transfer and final examinations are an integral part of studying and often cause a lot of anxiety. This is why we not only help students to assimilate exam-relevant content, but also focus on strategies for mastering examinations: How can I organise myself before and during an exam? How do I read questions correctly? How can I handle anxiety and exam nerves? We familiarise students with the situation by means of mock exams.

We make use of our experience. We are familiar with the different kinds of exam formats. We also know how they are evaluated and what counts. You benefit because we prepare our students accordingly.

We provide individual support. We don’t have a fixed programme: every student has different gaps – as well as strengths – that require specific support. This is why we tailor our preparation for exams individually to meet your personal requirements.

We are committed. Our teachers have the success of their students at heart. A good personal relationship helps to create a positive and motivating atmosphere for a successful learning experience.

This makes us special

  • Individual support of our students
  • Focus on strategies for mastering exams
  • Motivating atmosphere for successful learning