How we work

We guide and assist. Many students are unable to cope when it comes to systematically catching up on knowledge gaps and preparing for several exams at the same time. In group holiday courses, we help them to study in a targeted manner and to organise themselves effectively.

We provide individual support. We work in small groups of three to six children or young persons. Together with the educational management, we define individual key areas for each student and prepare a study programme as well as the required course documents.

We promote mixed-age learning. In our mixed-age groups, students learn how to study independently as well as how to support each other – abilities they can benefit from when doing their homework or preparing for exams at a later stage. The teacher supports and coaches the student throughout the entire week.

We train learning and make it fun. Apart from consolidating knowledge in individual subjects and preparing specifically for exams, we also train students to learn how to use study strategies and give them tips for examination situations. We are convinced that the joy of learning can be (re)kindled if students are able to experience a sense of achievement while studying and when taking examinations.

This makes us special

  • Individual support in small groups
  • Rekindling the joy of learning
  • Focus on learning strategies