How we work

We believe in relationships. Learning needs trust. We think that it’s very important for teachers and students to get along as individuals, which is why we have a large pool of teachers at our disposal. Students are taken seriously by them and they make the best of individual learning situations. They are patient, have empathy and pass on their knowledge with enthusiasm.

Our work style is individual. We offer students support in subjects where they need it. Goals are defined together with the Head of Academics and the teacher before we start. We also work out which study methods are best suited.

We teach more than knowledge. Remedial teaching is naturally designed to close knowledge gaps. Yet success ultimately also requires effective work and study methods can be successful. That’s why we coach our students extensively and promote their strengths in a targeted manner.

We inspire. Many students lack work and study strategies as well as motivation. They feel stressed and are scared of exams, often resulting in a blockade. We do everything we can to rekindle the joy of learning and to make them experience a sense of achievement. Every day we get proof that this works: our students reach their targets with enthusiasm and passion.

We make ourselves dispensable. During longer programmes, we make sure that the amount of tuition decreases in the course of time. While support is often intensive and regular to start with, we feel that students must learn to become more independent and start to assume responsibility for their own learning process – finally making us dispensable.

This makes us special

  • Motivated and committed teachers
  • Our educational management team supports teachers regarding subject-related contents, methods and didactics
  • Sustainability: study techniques and strategies, increasing independence